Games in this category are intended for casual game play where the objective is to have some fun without having to learn a complex game. All kinds of genres will fall into this category with the main difference between these games and hardcore games being that these games will have very few rules (if any) which need to be learned before you can play the game.


This is a short casual game designed to be played in less then five minutes and is ideal for when you are looking for a quick diversion. It is a rapid matching game where you first click the large item in the center of the screen and then click the matching smaller item around the edges of the screen. The faster you make a match the more points you score. It is a timed game (lasting one minute) but you can increase the time available, decrease the time available or have points subtracted by clicking on special images that come up in the center of the screen instead of matching cards.

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Select groups of two or more blocks to remove blocks before they fill the entire screen. You get 50 points for each block removed plus additional bonuses when greater then two blocks are removed at once! Plus removing a block with a bomb removes all blocks of the same color the bomb occupies. Removing a block with a star changes the blocks colors. Removing a block with a timer stops the blocks movement toward the top of the screen for a short time. And removing a block with a down facing arrow pushes the blocks down two rows. When the game is over you also have an option to increase your current score before submitting it by watching a video which will restart the game with the score at your current score.

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Click as many groups of marbles in 180 seconds as possible. You get 30 points for clicking a group of 3 marbles, 50 points for a group of 4 marbles, 100 points for a group of 5, 150 points for a group of 6, 200 points for a group of 7, 250 points for a group of 8 and 300 points for groups larger then 8. If you click on a single ball you will be penalized 10 points. If three balls fall of the edge the game will end immediately regardless of how much time is left on the clock. Compete with people all over the world by entering your high score. The marbles are dropped in a different pattern every time you play it so no two games are the same.

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This is a reusable Sudoku puzzle that generates a new Sudoku puzzle with each game play. Simply tap the desired square to increase the number in the square. You can check to see how many of the numbers you have gotten correct by clicking the Check Sudoku button on the left side of the screen. You can also restart the puzzle by clicking the Restart Game button also located on the left side of the screen. Clicking the Show All button will reveal the solution to the puzzle. Also has the ability to set the clue weight and the maximum number of clues displayed in a region.

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This is a press your luck casual game designed to be played in less then five minutes. You will be facing from two to five computer controlled opponents each game. Each round you will be dealt three random cards. Each card has one of three possible effects. Effect one is to score one point. Effect two is to loose one point. Effect three is to take one point away from a random opponent. Effect four is to loose one point from health. You start with five health and you automatically loose if your health is reduced to less then one. After each round you will be given an option to either challenge the players to determine the winner or take another turn. Use the buttons to select your action.

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This is a lite version intended as a demo of an Android mobile tablet game. Compete with your friends to see who can find all the hidden words the quickest. The words you will be searching for change with each new game so not two games are the same. The words you are trying to find are listed on the left side of the puzzle. Slide the mouse while holding down the left mouse button to select letters or use your finger to select letters on a touch screen. Words must be in a straight line. Release the left mouse button or remove your finger from the screen to see if you are correct. Words can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, run from left to right or from right to left. Press the reset button (located at the bottom center of the screen) to reset the timer to zero and try with a new puzzle. Your score will be equal to the total number of seconds it takes you to find all the words. Lower scores are better then higher scores and you will be competing with players all over the world for high scores. NOTE: This light demo version reuses the same words in a different pattern each time. The full version does not reuse the same words but instead the words change with each game play.

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