May 21, 2017

This past week I completed the first goal set for last week which was to make the final changes to section 3 of GEM COLLECTOR. Section 3 of GEM COLLECTOR is now ready to be released but I have decided to wait until after June 1, 2017 to release it. This way it will give more people time to purchase the game before I raise the price on it when Section 3 is released.

The second goal was to decide on what my next game will be. I would like to create a solo adventure similar to the choose your own adventure game books but more complex then simply choosing which page you go to. The type of solo adventure game I am wanting to create is more like a point and click type of game with a full game engine built into it. This was the type of game AMULET RECOVERY was intended to be but over the process of creating AMULET RECOVERY I decided to go with an isometric view and AMULET RECOVERY was much more of an RPG then a choose your own adventure style game.

One extra thing I did accomplish this past week was to make a few changes to the CHARACTER CREATOR program I released some time back. The CHARACTER CREATOR was designed to create characters (including random characters) for a pen and paper RPG called LABYRINTH LORD. The main change was to make the CHARACTER CREATOR more user friendly for desktop users so I changed it to a landscape view. Below is a screenshot from the updated version.

Next week I hope to either start creating the choose your own adventure game or perhaps some other type of game. I also have a secondary none game project that I need to do so I will probably just set one goal for next week.

Character Creator Screenshot 3


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