September 17, 2017

This past week the goal was to start a new game to use in testing two new distribution channels for HTML5 games I discovered. I got off to a slow start due to trying to figure out a short game that had Adventure/RPG elements to it. I thought of several games that had these elements in them but none of the games were short. Next I tried to convert to the HMTL5 platform an older game I already created and released but this was not successful because the game engine I used to create it with did not have a plug-in for each of the two distribution channels and it was too much work to create one myself. I finally decided to create a short casual game that has no Adventure/RPG elements in it. After I finally made this decision and decided what the central theme of the game would be I was stunned at how quickly I made most of the game. With only one real day of working on it the game is about 75% complete. I have tentatively named the game Rapid Match (this may change before the game is released) and it is a casual game designed to be played in a less then 10 minutes for those times when you are looking for something to spend a few minutes with.

It is very possible to expand Rapid Match into something bigger by adding more features (which will add to the average game play time) and if I do this my goal for next week will simply be to get as many features added as possible. If I do not expand it with new features my goal for next week will be to finish it and have it ready for publication.


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