August 13, 2017

The only goal I had for this week was to do a short game to test a game engine called RPG MAKER MV to see how good it was at porting games to the HTML5 platform. I succeeded at this goal but was very disappointed at the results of the test. It failed to run on every mobile device I tried it on continually giving a “Web API Not Supported” error message on every one of them. It did work on Windows 10 browsers though. As a result I will not be using RPG MAKER MV until this is fixed. I did upload the test to the LAB and you can try it for yourself by clicking HERE. I will continue looking for a better alternative.

And looking for a better alternative will be my goal for the next week (perhaps with another test added to the lab as a result). What I am looking for is a game engine that specializes in creating RPG type games for both the HTML5 and Android platforms.


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