January 14, 2018

This past week I spend a good deal of time working on My Cabin in the Woods. I completed a total of four outdoor maps, the other half of ruins previous started (and added another level of ruins to it for a total of three levels), one interior of a house, one small standalone island and two more dungeons. That is a total of ten new levels created this past week which leaves a total of two outdoor maps and at least three sub-maps which still need to be completed (for a total of five total levels still to go). Remember all I have been doing when I create a level is to create the environment (trees, mountains, etc…) Basically everything except for traps, monsters and items (these will be added later).

I also spent some time working on Par 5 Mini-Golf 2. I tried an experiment to help me create the levels quicker and easier but the experiment did not work.

Next week the plan is to continue with My Cabin in the Woods (I still need to get a new name for it). It would be nice if I could finish the final five levels.


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