May 19, 2018

Several weeks ago I mentioned that I had a new major project that I was needing to do. At the time it looked like I was unable to do it and thus I put it on the backburner working on it as time allowed. I have recently found I can do something similar to what I was originally wanting to do and as a result more of my time will be dedicated to it. With the other non-game projects I have going on that leaves me with two options for creating games.

The first option is to continue making games with what little time I have available. If I follow this option development will be very slow and I will be lucky to release one small game per year. That is not desirable.

The second option is to put computer game creation on hold until later when I will have more time to devote to it (which looks like retirement in three to seven years). Once I get more time available then I will start back to making more computer games. In my opinion this option is better.

As a result this will probably be the last update to this website and I will let this domain expire without renewing it. I will continue to provide support for released games through the email listed below. If I ever stop offering support for my released games I will totally remove all my games from all app stores and websites. I have enjoyed making games and I do look forward to being able to continue making computer games at some point in the future.

And a big thank you to everyone who has every played any of my games. I hope you enjoyed playing them as much as I enjoyed making them.


To contact me send me an email to