December 26, 2015

And now that another Christmas is past my life returns to a more normal mode. At the very end of the week I not only found and fixed another bug in AG1 but I also submitted AG1 to another app store. Not bad for one days work considering all the rest I also got on that day. I hope to now get back to more game making.

I definitely plan on releasing more games during 2016 (even if they are shorter games). I also plan on trying to release my new games on more platforms then Android and HTML5 (including Windows 10 among others). I would also like to try a few new engines by actually creating and releasing short games with them. I think my goal for next week will be to prepare for 2016 so I can start it with a bang.

December 25, 2015

Just a quick note to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. May you experience the best in life in it.

December 20, 2015

Due to the large number of hours I worked this past week at my full time job I am one day late in getting this update posted. My full time job should go back to normal after Christmas. This past week AG1 was accepted and published in more app stores. To be honest that is all I managed to get done on the game front.

Most of next week my full time job will be the same so that means I will not get much done on making games. I at least hope to update my web site with new entries for app stores currently distributing AG1.

Finally, I wish everyone has a very merry Christmas.

December 12, 2015

I am going to keep this update short. This past week I continued submitting AG1 to more app stores. I also updated the web page for AG1 showing some of the app stores that it is already available in as well as providing a link to the app stores to make getting AG1 easy. Next week this list will probably increase.

Next week will also be more of the same. As stated last week due to my full time job (which is real busy just before Christmas) it looks like it will be January 2016 before I can spend a good deal of time creating another game.

December 5, 2015

I am going to keep this update short and to the point. This past week I submitted AG1 to many of the app stores. It has already been approved in several stores and is going through the process of getting approved in other stores. I plan on updating the AG1 web page later in the week with a list of all app stores where it can be obtained from.

From now until after Christmas I will have to work more hours then usual at my full time job so I do not plan on getting a lot of game work done until after Christmas. Due to this reason I will not set a goal for the next upcoming week.

November 28, 2015

I am going to keep the update short this week. This past week I finished up the bugs in AG1 and added a few extra game play elements. I am now in the process of updating AG1 in the various app stores as well as adding it to some new app stores. I have also temporarily taken down the HTML5 version of AG1 until I can make the same changes with it. After the changes are made I will put it back on the internet again.

The only goal I have for this upcoming week is getting AG1 updated to the app stores.

November 21, 2015

I almost forgot to do the weekly update today. I had an early thanksgiving dinner early today and that almost made me forget to do the update today. This past week most of the work was spent continuing to fix bugs in AG1. The latest round of bug fixing has been completed and, baring any new bugs, AG1 will be updated in the stores shortly. I also managed to get some work done on a couple of other projects this past week. Nothing major but many little accomplishments add up to a lot of progress over a period of time.

Next week will be spent updating the free version of AG1 to the premium (paid / ad free) version of AG1. I also hope to do some work on other projects as well.

Speaking of thanksgiving I wish everyone has a wonderful and safe thanksgiving. Remember to thank the ones that matter the most for the good things they do for you.

November 14, 2015

This past week was mostly spent fixing bugs found in AG1. Hopefully with any luck the premium (paid) version of AG1 will be available next week. Afterward I will update the free (ad supported) version with the bug fixes. After that I may see if I can modify the HTML5 version of AG1 to make it easy to use on desktop computers (this will mostly involve changing the game layout). I also done some work on the point and click game I was working on (mostly combat and room navigation) and AG2 (room navigation and room menus).

The goal for next week will be to get the premium version of AG1 released. After that I will continue to work on some of the other games.

November 7, 2015

A couple of bugs have been found in AG1 and I have spent part of this past week fixing them. They are not all totally fixed but I am getting closer. I also got another new RPG framework to use with the UNITY game engine. I am looking forward to playing with it for awhile. I have a nice collection of game making tools available for use and now I am starting to show a greater desire to use these tools to create games instead of continuing to look for better tools. That is a good sign. I am considering making a primary new years resolution for 2016 to be releasing a new game each month (for a total of 12 for the year). Some of the new games may be games I have started but not finished or games that have not been started yet.

The goal for next week will be to fix all the discovered bugs in AG1 and get it released to select android app stores.

October 31, 2015

This past week I found several last minute bugs with Elemental Battles. I managed to fix all of them and successfully launched it in the app stores. I done a limited launch with two of the app stores that I have had more success with. You can read all about Elemental Battles and find links to get it on its web page by clicking on its name. I did not get to do a lot of work with RPG Maker MV like I had originally planned. Maybe I will do more of that this week. I also opened up a new online gaming portal called Excellent Online Games. I am still in the final stages of getting it finished. The goal of the arcade is be a place where you will only find great games.

Next month (November 2015) the primary goal will to be get a premium (add free) version of AG1 in some of the app stores. I have already removed methods to get free tokens from this version of AG1 and it is nearing release. Beyond that primary goal I have not set any other goals.

October 25, 2015

Just another quick update today. This past week I finished Battle of the Elements. In addition to adding some more last minute game play I also changed the name from Battle of the Elements to Elemental Battles. I changed the name because I discovered another game had already been named Battle of the Elements and I do not want people to get them confused. I am now in the process of distributing it through the various app stores.

I currently plan on spending the rest of October working with the new game engine (RPG Maker MV) I mentioned in the last update.

October 18, 2015

Just a short update this week. I forgot to post it yesterday but a day late is better then not at all.

This past week I had a small setback on Battle of the Elements. A graphic artist I was using to do some work for a game banner decided to not do the work but instead decided to have me use someone else. That is not a problem and I still hope to release it in October 2015. I will continue working on it as well as other projects.

Speaking of other projects I will use some time at the end of the month to work with a new RPG game engine that is just about to be released and looks very promising. It is called RPG Maker MV and I am looking forward to trying it for 2D RPGs.

October 10, 2015

This past week excellent progress was made on Battle of the Elements. I added more game play and the only thing I need to finish is the high score system and acquire the final graphics, icons, music, sounds and such. I definitely think this game will be published during October 2015. I have been giving some consideration to making my next project after Battle of the Elements modifying AG1 by changing the token system so players can get tokens by watching videos and changing the game size to make it PC friendly in addition to mobile friendly. If I do this there will be a premium paid version which will allow players to play the entire game without tokens.

Next week will again be spent working on Battle of the Elements.

October 3, 2015

This past week excellent progress was made on finishing a game I previously created for a game jam. The game is called Battle of the Elements and it is a defense game. The game was originally designed for HTML5 but I decided it would work better as an Android game. I have completed converting the game from HTML5 to Android and now I only need to add more game play and get the final graphics and music. I definitely expect to release this game sometime during October 2015. That makes me very happy. I know I said HTML5 would be the platform for me but it looks like I am will be using HTML5 for longer games.

The only goal for next week is to spent time working on Battle of the Elements.

September 26, 2015

This past week I successfully updated one of my older games (NUCLEI MOBILE) removing the ads to make a premium version of it. I also made a slight improvement to the graphics. Then I updated it in some app stores that do not allow advertising in their games. It felt good to be able to actually accomplish this goal.

Next week I currently plan to fully finish a game I created for a game jam. It will be an Android game and it should not take too long to finish it.

September 20, 2015

After much consideration I have decided to make a few adjustments to a previously finished game and submit it to several app stores that it has not been published in yet. I made this decision because the deadline for Halloween games is too close to make and the games with heavy RPG elements will take too long to create. After this I will probably do a couple of shorter games for specialty app stores (I may theme these games for Thanksgiving and Christmas). I have decided to do this because thus far in 2015 I have only released two games. That is not what I want. I am seriously considering trying to release between ten and twelve games during 2016. To do this some of the games will have to be shorter games while a few will be longer. I will try to add RPG elements to as many of the games as I can. I also have several partially finished games that I would like to finish. These partially finished games will be quicker to finish so they will help me to reach my ten to twelve games goal for 2016.

September 12, 2015

This week I am sticking to a very short update. I am deciding which game to create next. My options are between AG2, a Halloween themed game, a point and click adventure game or a choose your own adventure game (with a lot more Role Playing aspects to It). I would like to create the next game fairly quickly and if I create a Halloween game this year it will have to be the next game. There is always the option of skipping the Halloween game this year and doing one of the other games. I would like to get at least two more games created by before the end of the year as well. I think I may make one of the major goals for 2016 be to release more games.

September 4, 2015

I am posting this update one day early due to the fact that I will be out of town tomorrow.

After the research I done on different tools and platforms I have decided that the primary platform I need to make games for is HTML5 canvas (not WebGL). I say canvas instead of WebGL because while many modern mobile devices can run WebGL there are literally billions of older ones still in use today that cannot use WebGl. I selected HTML5 canvas because it works on all mobile devices (in addition to desktop) and is much easier and quicker to publish a game with it due to the fact that it would not have to be uploaded to many different app stores. I would also like to release a few Android apps in several select app stores that I have used before with good results. Despite this the main focus will be HTML5.

That being said I have selected Phaser to produce HTML5 games and Android Studio to produce Android games. I selected Phaser because it is the easiest to add new web technologies with. I selected Android Studio because it is one of the few development tools which can produce apps for older versions of Android (such as Froyo 2.2).

Now it is time to start working on some games.

August 30, 2015

I know this update is one day late but I had a lot of work I had to do on Saturday and had to let the update slide a day. Last week I mentioned that I was looking for a new developement environment and was seriously considering switching to Eclipse but upon further investigation I discovered Eclipse cannot compile for Android 2.2 (Froyo) so I will not be using it. I have also altered my plans in two ways. First I have added HTML5 (canvas not webGL) as a major target in addition to Android. Secondly, I want to make another method available for players to unlock the game in addition to paying a monetary sum. I am thinking about something like allowing users to install new games in exchange for unlocking some extra levels. I know for sure that unless the money being paid for video ads increases it will not be by watching ads.

The above being said I am still doing research into what is the best way to create my future games. I do not want to make a mistake at this point which would result in me having to redo a lot of my future work. That is why I am taking some extra time in an effort to make the right choice.

August 22, 2015

This past week I made a lot of progress on submitting AG1 to the various app stores. I still have a ways to go (like I said last week it is going to be a work in progress) but I have made good progress. I also discovered a bug in AG1 which I am going to fix and then continue submitting it to more app stores as well as update it in app stores that already have it.

In addition to this I have discovered that I am going to have to take a small detour. I am discovering that in order to make any real money on games (which would allow me to do this full time which is what I want) through advertising it is going to take a large number of game plays. For example many advertising agencies pay less then $10 eCPM (earnings per 1000 ad views). This means that if they were paying $10 eCPM and the fill rate was 100% you would earn $10,000 if the ad were shown 1 million times. While this may sound like a lot in truth most ad companies pay a great deal less then $10 eCPM (some less then $5 eCPM) and it takes a long time for a game to be played enough to have 1 millions ads displayed.

This is the primary reason I switched to a shareware model of distribution. Basically my games will be free to download allowing players to be able to play the first part of the game (around 10%) for free. If the player then likes the game they will pay a one time fee to unlock the entire game. This way there will be no advertisements which I like the idea of. This is expecially important considering a lot of the stores are starting to either ban advertising or at least limit it.

I said all of the above two paragraphs to get to this point. I am going to have to develope a way to allow players to unlock the rest of the game without exiting the game. While most of the tools I use already have this ability I have one other requirement. I also need the tool to be able to compile for an older version of Android (Froyo 2.2) which most of the tools are not capable of doing. As a result while I am still looking for alternatives I am seriously considering switching to the Eclipse IDE for all future game developement. While this will slow down the release of the next game a short time (which currently looks like it will be AG2) it is a necessary step.

August 15, 2015

This week I spent some time submitting AG1 to more app stores. Due to the number of app stores this is going to be an ongoing process. If you have a favorite app store and AG1 has not been submitted to it yet send me an email at the link below and I will try to add it to that app store. I also just about finished the third party web site I was developing. This will free up more time for game development.

This next week I need to get a big push on submitting AG1 to the app stores. This will be the first priority. The second priority will be to continue working on the different game projects I have going. I am considering putting out some very short adventure games designed to be played in one evening. The idea is to create some casual adventure games that will appeal to casual game players. I may spend some time on this during the next upcoming week.

August 8, 2015

Well I was hoping to give you a little surprise in the lab section this week but I did not have enough time. I started experimenting on a very simple 3D rpg (using a UNITY kit) but all I managed to get done was create the player moving in an empty world. I was also hoping that GG MAKER would get an update fixing the html5 bug but that never happened either. As a result I worked on other projects.

I did not get a lot of work done on AG2 either due to the extra time I spent on my full time job (I worked close to 55 hours this week). I also spent a good deal of time creating a web site for another person. I am still working on the movement part of AG2 and I am finding the changes needed are greater then what I originally thought.

Next week I will finish a web site that I have been developing for a third party. After that I hope to get back to spending more time on AG2 in addition to working on some other projects.

July 31, 2015

I am posting this update one day early because I will be going out of town tomorrow (Saturday) for a short trip. If I waited until I got back to post it it would either be very late Saturday or Sunday before it got posted.

This past week I made a good amount of progress on AG2 in the area of player movement as well as setting up the new game display. Once player movement is finished I will probably go directly to monster movement and finish that part.

I was hoping to suprise you with an extra entry in the lab this week but it did not happen. I bought a new game maker called GG MAKER. It is supposed to be a very easy and quick way to create 2D RPGs with the ability to port them to Android and HTML5. I was going to create a very small (10 rooms max) game with it and post it in the lab but when I tried to export it to HTML5 I discovered GG MAKER had a bug and I could not export it.

My goal next week is to simply continue to develop some of the various projects I am working on (and maybe get you a little extra suprise in the lab if I am lucky).

July 25, 2015

Just a short update this week. Most of the game development this past week was spent on AG2 (on movement specifically). Despite that fact I did not get a lot done. Making the primary changes necessary to AG1 to turn it into AG2 without breaking it is harder then I thought it would be but I am pressing on.

Next week I plan on continuing to do the same (working on AG2, submitting AG1 to more app stores, etc...).

July 18, 2015

This past week I spent more time developing PAC1 as well as uploading AG1 to the various app stores. The uploading of AG1 will take some time due to the size of the .apk file that needs to be uploaded (with my current internet speed it takes awhile) and due to how many app stores there are. I also uploaded a new HTML5 version of AG1 for your gaming pleasure.

I have also been thinking about changes that could be made to AG2 to improve upon AG1. These changes will include (but not be limited to) the following:

1. Changing the layout of the game on the screen. AG1 was designed to run in portrait mode while AG2 will run in landscape mode. This will allow for more buttons to be placed where the gamer can interact with them easier by using both the right and left sides of the screen instead of just the bottom.

2. The joystick used for movement is too small in AG1. I will be replacing it with arrows which will not only be larger but will use a new 8 directional movement system.

3. AG2 will be released as a shareware product. This means AG2 will be available for free but will have advertising embedded and the player will get an option to turn advertising off by paying a small fee to register the game. There might be a few extra parts of the game that can only be used by registered users but I have not finalized that part yet.

4. I am going to use a different method to create the rooms (dungeons) in AG2. The dungeon creation was the most time consuming part of creating AG1 and I think I have found a way to do it quicker without sacrificing quality.

Next week I will continue to release AG1 in the app stores while working on either AG2 or PAC1.

July 11, 2015

This past week I finished fixing all the bugs in AG1 that I could find. I also started the Point and Click/Adventure game (the temptation to do some work on this was too great). I have named it PAC1 (short for "Point and Click"). I will extend the name in the future by giving it a more descriptive title. I added "1" to the end because if this goes well I plan on releasing others like it in the future. I would do this by expanding on PAC1 while replacing the levels with new ones. In addition to these I also continued working on the non-game web site.

My goals for next week are as follows: 1. Give AG1 a final test on Android to make sure everything is working correctly. 2. If the final test of AG1 is successful then publish it in the app stores. 3. Continue working on PAC1. 4. Hopefully finish the non-game web site.

One other note. For the first time since I started making games I had one of my games (Nuclei Mobile) get played more then 100,000 times in a single month. In the month of June Nuclei Mobile was played just over 150,000 times. It was a great feeling to achieve this milestone.

July 4, 2015

I have made good progress this week on removing the bugs from AG1. While removing the bugs I have also started making some changes to AG1 which will make it easier to port the game to other platforms (ios, Blackberry, Windows 10, etc...) in the future. This will come in handy because I would like to eventually publish AG1 to other platforms. I would estimate I have completed about 50% of the bug fixes and modifications I am currently making to AG1. I also made some good progress in creating another non-game web site (I created the structure and am now starting to add content).

I am giving some thoughts to completing a very short experimental point and click style Adventure game. It would play like a create your own adventure style game with more Adventure/RPG aspects to it. If I decide to complete this game the goal will be to keep the game very short (20 rooms max) and make it so it can be expanded into new games of the point and click style in the future.

This upcoming week will see more work done on AG1 as well as work continuing on the other web site I am creating. I am not sure if I will start the new point and click style Adventure game this week or not. It depends on how much progress is made on AG1.

June 27, 2015

This past week while testing the Android version of AG1 I discovered some bugs. At this point I am starting to fix these bugs (which will also have to be fixed in the HTML5 version of AG1) then I will continue with the testing which will be followed by publishing AG1 in the app stores. Fixing these bugs will delay me starting AG2 for awhile but that is ok. It is taking longer then I though to finally get an android version of AG1 released but it will be well worth the wait. In other news I have another non-game web site that I am working on. To be honest about it this is taking up some of my time but that is ok.

This next upcoming week will be spent fixing the newly discovered bugs in AG1 and working on the new web site.

June 20, 2015

This week I am keeping the update short. This week I finished making all the changes to AG1 for it to be entered in the various app stores. The only thing I want to do before publishing it through the app stores is to test it enough to make sure I did not break something while modifying it. I have also tentatively decided to set October 2015 as the release date for AG2. I have decided AG2 will be a premium (paid) game and I will be starting it shortly. I also submitted AG1 (the internet HTML5 version with a fully functional token system) to several HTML5 online game portals.

Next week I hope to actually submit AG1 to the app stores.

June 13, 2015

This week I made the decision to modify the token system in AG1 instead of removing it. Basically the only thing that will be modified is to not allow players to get tokens outside the game (through viewing videos, et...) and instead to only allow players to get tokens through in game actions (such as defeating monsters and finding treasure). I need to make a few other changes to the save system to update it to the modified token version (it will not need to store token totals in an internet database) for it to work. I plan on leaving the current HTML5 version of AG1 as it is.

I have most of the changes completed and I suspect the final changes will be completed and AG1 will be ready to publish to the app stores by next weekend.

June 6, 2015

It is hard to believe this year is almost half gone. Time has flown by. This past week I did not get much done on any project due to the large number of hours I worked at my full time job. What I did do was a little work on a non-game project and I also came to the conclusion that I will leave the token system in the mobile version of AG1 but remove the option for players to get free tokens to be used in the game. Free tokens are not really needed to complete the game because you can replay each level to get more tokens to unlock future levels.

I hope to actually finish publishing the mobile version of AG1 in the app stores this week. It would be great if I could finish the non-game project I am working on but every time I finish one part of it I think of another new part to add.

May 30, 2015

This past week was spent just as I thought it would be. Mostly on non-game related work. I did realize one important thing dealing with AG1. AG1 was intended to be an HTML5 game targeted at mobile users (because the last time I checked 45+ percent of all my traffic to this web site is on mobile browsers). I discovered that the vast majority of web arcades are aimed at people using desktop computers. This means the resolution for the game does not work well on these arcades (with part of the game not being shown). I have came to the conclusion that I need to compile the game for mobile devices and release it in the app stores. The game was intended to be the first in a series (which is still the plan). This means I need to introduce the game to more players to get a base level of support before releasing the next game in the series. I have not figured out if I need to remove or alter the token system currently used in the game.

This next upcoming week I will not only continue to work on non-game projects but I hope to publish AG1 to the app stores. This will be a lot to expect considering according to the schedule at my full time job I am going to have to work a lot of hours this upcoming week (even more then usual).

May 23, 2015

To be honest about it this past week was filled with several non-game projects (including a new non-game web site I am developing). These non-game projects took up most of my development time and that will probably be the case in the upcoming week as well. The fact is sometimes I have other obligations that must come before creating new games. And that is in addition to the full time (40+ hours a week) job I also work at. I did manage to do enough research into the next Adventure/RPG game to realize that it will probably be a hard core post holocaust game.

Next week will be more non-game web site and project work.

May 16, 2015

This past week saw more research into the next action game. Enough research to realize that this next game will evolve into something much larger then originally planned (including multiple games as well as games in different formats other then digital (dice games and card games) as well as non-gaming items (such as t-shirts). As a result I have decided to create a specific web site dedicated to that specific intellectual property that will contain all the stuff related to it. This web site will not be put up until closer to the first game release but it is coming.

I also need to create a seperate web site for it due to the fact that bluefiregames.com has become a catch all for all of my game work. It has all different kinds of games (children's, casual, arcade, adventure, puzzle, etc...) and the new game will be designed for hard core gamers. There will be a link to it from bluefiregames.com but it needs to have it's own web page due to the fact that it is aimed at a different audience then what a lot of the visitors to bluefiregames.com are members of.

I am also considering the option of publishing a few short games in the casual genre while doing the next action game but if I do that it will take time away from developing the next action game which is something I do not want. Especially considering that my time is stretched pretty thin now between working a full time job, having a life and doing other development work.

May 9, 2015

This past week I finished updating Block Poper in the app stores as well as done more preparation for the next action game. I have decided to not reinvent the wheel ()like I done for AG1) by creating the game engine and game system from scratch. There are many game engines and game frameworks available for me to use and I am in the process of evaluating several of them to see which one I think will be best for the next game. The only thing I have decided for sure is that I want it to be a 3D game instead of 2D. I am also considering using a first person perspective instead of a third person or top down perspective. Nothing has been finalized yet.

Next week I will continue doing more research in preparation for making the next action game.

May 2, 2015

This past week not only did I succeed in integrating Facebook and Twitter into Block Poper but I also integrated Google+ in as well. I also altered the non-game pages of Block Poper to look better across all devices. After doing these things I updated the latest version in all the stores (some stores are still going through the approval process but it has been submitted). I also updated the web page for Block Poper to list more stores as they published the game. I did not get to add AG1 to any new online game arcades though. I also gave some consideration to what game to create next. I am currently leaning toward an action game (in 3D) that will either be a science fiction type of game or a post holocaust game. I have not made the final decision yet.

Next week I hope to start on the action game. I will probably keep it short (maybe four large levels) so it will not take long to finish it.

April 25, 2015

This past week was spent publishing my latest two games (AG1 - The Goblinoid Dungeons and Block Poper). I also created a web page for Block Poper (located HERE) under the Casual Games category because it is intended to be a short game that people play when they are looking for some quick entertainment. I have submitted Block Poper to most of the major app stores (and it has already been approved and published in some stores). I also uploaded AG1 to Newgrounds (but I removed it after discovering that it did not fit the iframe it was being published in) and Kongregate (where it is still being reviewed).

I also fixed one small bug in Block Poper and am in the process of integrating Facebook and Twitter into Block Poper so you can tell your friends about the game (or some part of the game).

My goals for next week is to finish implementing Facebook and Twitter into Block Poper and update it into the app stores. I would also like to submit AG1 to more online game arcades.

April 18, 2015

This past week I made the decision to self publish AG1 - The Goblinoid Dungeons. What this means is that I will upload the game to all the online game portals myself instead of licensing it to sponsors who upload it. This way it will be distributed quicker. As a result I have made the game available on my web site. You can click HERE to play it. The game is still free to play. If you have any favorite online arcades you would like to see AG1 published through send me an email with a link to the arcade. Remember that AG1 is an HTML 5 game.

In addition to AG1 I also completed another game this past week. It is called Block Poper and it is designed for the Android platform. I done it as a way of experimenting with incentive advertising. When players get to the end of the game they will be given the option to watch a short (15 - 30 seconds) video in order to have the game restarted in order to give them a chance to increase their current score. This game is also free to play. I have attached a small screen shot (not to scale) below for you to look at the game.

Next week will be spent publishing these two games.

Screen shot 1

April 11, 2015

Just a short update today. Hopefully next week's update will be a lot longer more news that needs telling.

At this point AG1 - The Goblinoid Dungeons is awaiting approval for sponsorship bidding. I do not know how long it will take or if I will have to make changes before it is approved (this is the first time I have done sponsorship bidding). I did make several small changes to improve game play. I also started work on another short game (and made a lot of progress on it).

This week I hope to finish my next game (because it is a very short game with only one continually changing level) and possible get another short project or two completed as well.

April 4, 2015

Those of you that follow me on Twitter and Facebook already know this but for those of you that do not I have finished AG1 - The Goblinoid Dungeons. I am now in the process of publishing it. This time I am going to publish it differently. In the past if it was a browser game I uploaded it to my web site then I added it to the internet game arcades. AG1 is an html5 game and while mobile versions might be developed and released at some later time they are currently not available. For AG1 I am going to release it through internet game arcades using licensed sponsorships. Basically I will provide a list of game arcades the game can be played in and you choose the one you want to use. New arcades will be added as they are licensed. I have never done this before so I do not know how long it will take.

My primary goal next week is to get it in front of possible sponsors. After that everything else will be considered secondary goals. Having said that there is a good possibility that I might get another game finished that I have also been working on.

March 28, 2015

I came close but did not succeed in adding a rewards program to AG1. What I did succeed in doing was discovering a major bug that I have not been able to fix yet (I just did not have enough time). I have gotten AG1 preped for release which includes getting the icon, promo banner and screen shots done as well as writing a description for the game. I just have this one bug standing in the way of releasing it. Frustrating.

My first goal for next week will be to fix that final bug and release AG1. I would also like to find a way to site lock the game to stop people from stealing and duplicating my work (which happens a lot these days). It would also be a plus if I could finish the rewards system but that can wait if necessary.

I would like to leave you with an actual screen shot of the game below. This will give you an idea of what the game is like.

Screen shot 1

March 21, 2015

This past week I added one more method of earning game tokens to AG1. This makes a total of two in addition to being able to earn them in the game. I am also considering creating a reward system where players will get some kind of reward for completing some of the dungeons but if this turns out to be very hard to add I will wait until after I have released the game to add it.

I have discovered a few bugs in the other game I was trying to finish (Dream Builder). This game originally won a game jam when I first created it and I wanted to get it finished but I did not make much progress on it this week. Maybe next week.

And speaking of next week, I think my only goal will be to finish and release AG1 to licensing. This game has been in development for a long time and I am anxious to get it released and out there. After this I will work on finishing Dream Builder.

March 14, 2015

In addition to inserting the Flash Game License SDK I also done several other things to AG1 to make it a better game. I only have two items left to complete to finish the game. These are adding music and expanding the token system. Adding music will be easy and quick because I have already selected the game music and it will take less then 30 minutes to actually insert it into the game. The expansion I would like to do to the token system involves giving players more ways to get tokens (which is ingame currency used in the store to purchase equipment). There are currently two ways to get tokens. The first is by selling loot gotten from defeated monsters and the second is by doing other activities outside the game such as watching videos, installing other games, etc... The second method of getting tokens is what I need to expand upon. Currently I have one source (SuperRewards.com) that players can get extra tokens from and I want to add at least two more.

In addition to the progress made on AG1 I also made good progress on another game I have been working on for some time called Dream Builder. I only need to add music to it and a small system to give the player one last chance to increase their high score. Once those two things are done it will be ready for publication.

My goal for next week is simply to finish both of these games.

March 7, 2015

Just a short update this week. Excellent progress was made this past week on AG1. Not only did I finish the graphics but I also done a lot of smaller things to improve the game. It is getting very close to being released.

I only have three things left to do until AG1 is finished. These are modify the token system for first time players, find and insert the music and insert the Flash Game License sdk. I am already considering what project to do next after this one is finished.

February 28, 2015

Excellent progress was made on AG1 this past week. Not only was that bug found and fixed, the token system was fully completed, the save/load game was finished and several other small adjustments were made as well. All this was done at the expense of not doing any work on completing one of my previously started games. I must admit that AG1: The Goblinoid Dungeons has become a much larger game then I thought it would become but it is well worth it. All I have to do now is to implement a few other small things and it will be ready for release. I am planning on releasing it as an html5 game for everyone to play free but I also plan on using the licensing system at FLG (http://www.fgl.com/developer_home.php). This will allow me to distribute the game to the largest possible audience.

Next week I plan to complete the next largest part of AG1 which is to replace some of the graphics. The ones I am using now is causing the size of the game to be way too large and thus I will find a replacement for the grahpics which are memory hogs. This is important because doing this will reduce the time needed to download the game as well as decrease bandwidth. I am still hoping to finish one of my previously started other games but this is a secondary goal.

February 21, 2015

This week was spent doing something different then planned. I implemented about half of a token system. Basically players will be able to get tokens in the game (AG1) and use them to buy healing potions, get better weapons and armor and unlock new levels. I completed about half of the token system (the part dealing with the levels) and started working on using tokens to acquire items. I also implemented a way for players to get extra free tokens outside the game (by doing things like watching videos) in addition to those earned in the game. This was a bigger project then I expected so other then this not much other work was done.

Next week plans are to finish the token system. In addition to this I hope to finally fix that bug and also finish another almost finished game.

February 14, 2015

Most of this past week was spent trying to fix a bug I discovered. I say spent "trying" because despite my best efforts I was unable to fix it. Graphics wise I managed to get an icon and a banner created for the game by a third party. I also implemented a points system into the game. The first game may not have a lot of things to spend points on (a level unlock system is planned) but in future expansions of the game I will add many more ways to spend points in the game.

Next week I hope to finally fix that annoying bug. I did not get to finish any of my previously started games so I also hope to make another attempt at that this upcoming week as well as get the rest of the graphics for AG1.

February 7, 2015

This past week saw more progress on AG1. In addition to a few changes to make the game play better and some more new graphics I also added the ability for the player to get better with attacks over time. Basically successfully attacking monsters will slowly increase the damage the player does. I also added in another dimension in having armor to slowly be destroyed over a period of time if the player takes damage. I also fixed a few bugs that I discovered.

Next week most of the emphasis will be placed on graphics for AG1. Graphics is one of the hardest things for me to create because I am a coder by nature and not an artist. Some of the graphics will probably be created by external third parties and while I wait on them to be finished I am considering choosing one of my older unfinished games and taking some steps to complete it. Due to past Game Jams I have several unfinished games that are in various stages of completion. I hope to finish them all eventually.

February 1, 2015

This past week I continued working on AG1 adding some more sprites and other things. One major change I done was to change the way the interface works. Originally there were three controls at the bottom. One for movement (a joystick), a button to open the menu (to select a new action) and an action button to perform the action selected. I was not satisfied with how this worked so I changed it. There are still three controls but it works slightly different. The joystick for movement is still there but I replaced the action button with a menu button. I also swapped the locations of the two non joystick buttons. Now you perform the selected action by pressing the button with the named action on it and you go to the menu by pressing the menu button.

There are still some sprites that have not been finished. I hope to finish more of the sprites this week. I also need to implement a way to unlock the game after the player reaches a certain point. Those are going to be my two main goals this week.

January 31, 2015

Just a quick note to let everyone know that due to the fact that I am participating in another Game Jam this weekend the next regular update will not be until Monday February 2, 2015.

January 24, 2015

Wonderful news today. I actually finished all the dungeons for the Adventure/RPG game (AG1 The Goblinoid Dungeons). I also done a few other things on the game. Now I have about a half dozen things left to go and it will be finished. Two of these things (the icon and promotional banner) require third parties to do their part but I hope the game will get published in January 2015.

My goal for next week will be to simply finish the rest of the game and at least have it ready to publish. It has taken awhile but this is the best game I have created to date. I have noticed that each new game is better then the ones before it but this one is really a good step up in quality from all previous games.

January 16, 2015

I am posting this update one day early due to the fact that I will have to do a lot of non-game work on the day that I usually post the update (Saturday) and I do not want the update to be late due to this extra work.

My goal this past week was to create as many dungeons as possible. I succeed in creating 6 new dungeons this past week. This came out to be one per day (since there were only 6 days between this update and the previous). There are now a total of 13 dungeons completed for the game of a total of 20 planned dungeons. As an extra bonus I have included a screen shot of a dungeon floor plan below. The dungeon is not too scale and you can click on it for a bigger view.

My goal next week will be to continue creating a dungeon each day. If I get anything done in addition to this I will be happy.

Second Early screen shot of AG1

January 10, 2015

Some how I totally missed updating the web site last week. I am not sure how that happened because I did move the previous week’s news to the old news section. I must have forgotten to publish the new news before I deleted it form my computer. Sorry about that. I will try to avoid doing that again in the future.

As mentioned last week my goals were to get as much done on the adventure game as possible. I did make some progress on this goal. First I decided to just include the treasure in the game without placing them in treasure chests. If I had used treasure chests I would have had to create a lock/unlock system as well as a trap/disarm trap system and a lock pick system for the chests. This would have taken more time then I wanted to spend so I just decided to place treasures on the floor around the dungeon as well as have some monsters drop treasure when they are defeated. I also reworked one monster as well as the first dungeon levels I had already created to make them higher in quality. In addition to the above I also managed to create 4 totally new dungeons for the game. Like I stated before, it takes more time to create new dungeons then anything else.

I did think of a good game idea for the Game Jam but decided it would take too long to complete it and (also thinking that I have too many partially finished games already) I decided to skip the Game Jam.

My goal next week will be to simply complete as many dungeons as I can.