February 11, 2018

Last week was a productive week. I created the first 18 levels of Gem Collector 2. This completes all the levels needed for section 1 and since there are a total of 4 sections in Gem Collector 2 that means 25% of all the levels are completed. I have not created any of the new traps or started on the inventory system for Gem Collector 2 but I do not think these will take too long.

I also done enough work on My Cabin in the Woods to realize the opponents are not balanced enough. Since this is my first time working with this game engine it will take a little more time to get it right.

It is actually looking like Gem Collector 2 will be finished and released before My Cabin in the Woods. As a result next week it would be nice if I could create all the levels for section 2 (18 total) of Gem Collector 2 and get some work done on the traps or inventory system. Beyond this if I can get any work done on balancing the opponents in My Cabin in the Woods that would be great. I still need to think of another name for My Cabin in the Woods as well.

February 4, 2018

This past week two big things happened.

First, I got the needed information to continue working on the entities (opponents, items, etc…) for My Cabin in the Woods. As a result I created a total of ten different opponents for the player to face in the game. I am now in the process of making sure these opponents are balanced enough to be a good challenge for the player.

Second, I also started Gem Collector 2. Great progress was made (it is easier and quicker to create a sequel to a game then it is to create a new game). I have made a few decisions about Gem Collector 2. For one thing the length of the game will be cut in half (instead of having 6 sections with 24 levels each for a total of 144 levels there will be 72 total levels split evenly between 4 sections (with each section having 18 levels). I will also develop the entire game before releasing it instead of developing one section at a time and updating the game over time. I will also set the price of Gem Collector 2 to $2.00 which is half of the price of Gem Collector after all sections were completed. I have also decided to add traps and a simple inventory system to Gem Collector 2 (there might be a few more features added in addition to these).

Next week I hope to finish balancing the opponents for My Cabin in the Woods and finish some of the new features for Gem Collector 2.

January 28, 2018

This past week was very frustrating. I had wanted to make a lot of progress adding entities (items, opponents, etc… ) to My Cabin in the Woods game but I needed some more information from the developer of the tool I am using to create My Cabin in the Woods with. I posted a question to get this in the forums and then sent a private email to the developer but I did not get a response from them. I need the information to balance the game (not make it too hard or too easy).

I done a little more work on Par 5 Mini-Golf 2 but did not make much progress there either. The program I am using to create the courses is not working correctly. I have brought it to the attention of the developer but thus far nothing has been done by them to fix the problem.

Not sure what I will do next week. If I get the information needed to create the entities for My Cabin in the Woods I will continue with that. Alternately if the problems get fixed so I can continue with Par 5 Mini-Golf 2 I will continue with that. If none of these two things happen I will pick another game (or project) and work on that.

January 21, 2018

This past week I finished the final five maps (levels) of My Cabin in the Woods (I still do not have a new name for it). The levels were two outdoor levels and three dungeon levels. That completes phase one in the development of My Cabin in the Woods . The second phase will be to create the entities (items, opponents, traps, treasures, etc…) and phase three will be to actually stock the maps with the entities. Since I am using a new game engine for My Cabin in the Woods (Smile Game Builder located at http://store.steampowered.com/app/483950/SMILE_GAME_BUILDER/) it might take me awhile to get the balance of power correct (to not make the game too hard or too easy). My Cabin in the Woods is defiantly turning out to be a bigger game then originally expected.

Next week will obviously be spent on creating entities for My Cabin in the Woods. I do not know if I will get all the entities created or not but I will try.

January 14, 2018

This past week I spend a good deal of time working on My Cabin in the Woods. I completed a total of four outdoor maps, the other half of ruins previous started (and added another level of ruins to it for a total of three levels), one interior of a house, one small standalone island and two more dungeons. That is a total of ten new levels created this past week which leaves a total of two outdoor maps and at least three sub-maps which still need to be completed (for a total of five total levels still to go). Remember all I have been doing when I create a level is to create the environment (trees, mountains, etc…) Basically everything except for traps, monsters and items (these will be added later).

I also spent some time working on Par 5 Mini-Golf 2. I tried an experiment to help me create the levels quicker and easier but the experiment did not work.

Next week the plan is to continue with My Cabin in the Woods (I still need to get a new name for it). It would be nice if I could finish the final five levels.

January 7, 2018

This past week I choose My Cabin in the Woods as the game I was going to concentrate on until it was finished. First off I will change the name of the game before I release it to something else. I will do this because the lab version of this was created with a totally different game engine and has a totally different look and feel to it.

My Cabin in the Woods is going to have a total of nine exterior maps (levels) and eight of the nine levels (excluding the starting level) will have at least one dungeon or ruin located in them. As of today I have completed three outdoor levels, one dungeon and half a set of ruins (which will compose two levels). When I say completed it means I have done everything except add monsters, traps and items to the levels (I am not sure if I will save these for last or add them before all maps are finished). That is excellent progress for one week.

Next week I am on vacation so I plan on making more progress on My Cabin in the Woods (and perhaps decide on a new name for it as well).