November 12, 2022

Not much to report on this update except that with some experimenting I have decided to make the browser game a point and click game instead of an action game. There was just not enough room to make the game work as an action game without making the grapics too small. It will take longer to make the point and click game but I can use it as a basis to create more games like it in the future by simply adding to the game and making new rooms. I have already started making entities for the game so progress is being made.

November 6, 2022

It's hard to beleive that over a year has passed since I last updated this website. The main reason for the lack of updates is working a job that requires 50+ hours a week. After Covid arrived there was a major shortage of workers (which we are still experiencing today) and that only caused those of us that were still working to have to work a lot more hours.

I did manage to do a small update on the website recently by replacing all (or most) of the buttons being used for navigation. I also fixed a couple of links that were not working correctly.

On the game front I have started a small browser game. I choose a browser game because most browser games are small and thus quick to make. I think it will be an action/arcade game. I am also thinking of giving away some prize to everyone that successfully finishes the game (it will probably be a digital downloadable prize). The game is being worked on but it is slow going due to a lack of time to work on it.

Hopefully the next update on this website will be less then a year though.

December 11, 2022

After starting on a new game I got slammed with the Christmas holiday at work for this year. As a result I made very little progress on the new game. I did add part of a new start screen as the game introductory. To be honest there will probably be very little time available to work on the new game until after this Christmas season is over. Next year I hope to do at least a little work on the new game every week so it will get finished.