Jaunuary 21, 2024

Wonderful news this week. While the wonderful news is not directly about my next game I am working on or game creation in general it will have a big impact on my future game creation. The big news is that it looks like I will be retiring from my current full time job on August 1, 2024.

This will free up a lot of time to dedicate on future game creation.

The only bad drawback is that from now until I retire on August 1, 2024 I will have to spend a great deal of time setting things up so I can retire. This will mainly involve developing a passive income stream that will start before I retire and continue after I retire so I will not take a big reduction in my income after I retire.

The only wise decision is to pause game developement now until after I retire so I can spend the time needed to set up the needed income stream to make retirement possible. While I do not like pausing game developement in the long run that is the best decision.

Jaunuary 7, 2024

This past week I started working on a simple inventory system for the game I started at the end of last year. For ease of referance I am going to call that the adventure template for the time being so it will not be confused with anything else. I think the first full game I create from the adventure template will not need a full inventory system because I intend to limit the total number of items the player can carry.

I also just found out there is a game jam which I intend to enter starting January 19 for the The Sandbox. I have entered several of these in the past so I am familiar with the game engine and the game jam is limited to a short time span. I plan on providing a link to my finished entry for this jam so everyone can play it but you will need to sign up for a FREE account at The Sandbox to try it.

Until that game jam starts I intend to slowly work on the adventure template and possibly experiment with another tool or two to see how well they work.